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made from Dollie uwu~

Rules i guess?:


1. Choose 11 OCS

2. Don't read ahead, that's no fun >7<

3. Have fun, you gotta do it! >:I





1. Axel

2. Shereen

3. Kristy

4. Hiroto

5. Janette (or is it Janelle)

6. Janelle (or is it Janette ….. you know what, I’m just going to call both of them Jane)

7. Ner

8. Ixchel

9. Miranda

10. Richard

11. Wild Naga (who let her in >:U /ded/)



1. Welp, just a normal night, your OCS are getting shit faced drunk and can even remember their names. Who here started this??

Axel and the Naga both did this o-o Axel pour vodka in the drink for everyone listed in the meme or at a random party and left it alone then the Naga come in and try to get something above the drink with her tail but ending up knocking whisky to the drink before everyone get it

2. Well who ever did just unleashed hell, good job bro. Hey look at that, 6 and 9 are forefully pouring liqour down poor 7's throat, what is 7 going to do??

(Alex: *wearing a top hat and holding a glass of wine* hmm just as planned uwu *drink* Naga: o-o …. Sss)

Miranda: *holding Ner down* =/-/=

Jane: *pouring liquor* =/7/=

Ner: *try to break free but fail and ending up drinking the liquor*

3. Eewwwit looks like 3 had a bit too much to drink and vomited on 10, what is 10's reaction?

Kristy: *was trying to tell Richard something but throw up*

Richard: *is naked, so it feel horrible* YEEAAOW eAo

4. Don't mind 5 over there he/she is just sobbing in the corner, anyone brave enough to find out why??

Naga: sss o-o *goes close to her and try to eat her, but ending up getting hugged*

Jane: *hugging her and sobbing*

Naga: sss?

Jane: m-my sister QAQ s-she is missing *crying more*

Naga: ssssssssssssss

Jane: a-are you sure? ;-;

Naga: ss

Jane: y-you right ;n; *let go and get up* JANE, I WILL FIND YOU ;A; *run off to look for her sister*

Naga: o-o …. *turn around*

5. Sheesh, some crazy things happen parties eh- wait is that 1 and 11 making out passionately?? OnO guys staph 2 is getting jealous, what will 2 do??

Axel: chu~ u/3/u *kiss the Naga*

Nage: ?

*then suddenly Shereen pop up between them and break the kiss*

Shereen: this is not an appropriate kiss you prev U/:< it should be like this *kiss the naga on the cheek*

Naga: *still don’t know what happening * o-o ????

Axel: aaw but that’s no fun =/-/=

6. Welp I think 4 took a strange plastic bag full of something into a closet and havent come out since, what are they doing??

(it was ….. breads, lot and lot of breads)

Hiroto: *nomming on one slice of bread* u/w/u~

7. Hey look 7 got away from 6 and 9 and is trying to hide from them, where do they hide??

Ner: nopenopenopenope *running away and jump out the window and fly away*

8. Oh welp the hiding was in vain anyways 6 and 9 found them

Jane and Miranda: *looking out the window* …..

Ner: *laying on the ground close to the window* ….

Miranda: *goes and pick him up* =/w/=~ *goes back inside*

9. Well isn't 1 just being a little whore tonight?? Their they go hitting on 5 (who's still in the corner BTW) quite... "Passionately"

Jane: *goes back to the corner at one point and crying*

Axel: *hugs her from behind* =/w/=

Jane: ;-; *turn to looks* SISTE- Q7Q hey you’re not my sister ;-;

Axel: I might not be =/3/= but I can be someone better =//w//= *cuddles her and nibbles her neck*

Jane: nnnuu >A< I don’t want you, I want my sister

10. Is 2 dry humping 11 on the table? ene nasty

(And he Naga is confused as ever about WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON NOW)

11.welp time skip time, everyone went to bed, and didn't even bother cleaning up! >:u and 3's missing, where did they go??

Kristy: fuck this shit, I’m out of here *goes to who knows where at night*

12. In the morning 7 wakes up between 6 and 9... Their all three naked XD what happened??

*earlier at night*

Ixchel:  =/7/=~ *takes everyone close off*

Everyone: </-/> *don’t mind*

Naga and Richard: *don’t has cloth to begin with*o-o </7/>~


Ner: o-o ….. why are we naked?

Jane: eeeer ene;;

Miranda: don’t know =m= don’t care

13. 4  woke up on the roof and the contains of the plastic bag from before all over the ground outside, what the fuck??

(all of the noises has scared him last night, so he fly to the roof to eat his bread in peace ….. and he ate all of them last night)

14. When 5 wakes up they have to go pee badly, but when they get into the bathroon they see 10 in the bathtube from last night (they were cleaning 3's vomit off of them) and their out cold, what does 5 do??

Jane: *pee first then takes Richard up*

Richard: *groan then mumble* five more minute -.-

15. Okay this is an inportant one, who did 1 wake up with?? XD

(No one X’D )

Axel: QnQ

(Ixchel was sleeping next to him, but wakes up first and goes to eat)

16. 11 and 2 are already awake luckily, do they remember what happened last night or are they just as oblivious as the others??

(the Naga remember this <7> …. But can’t talks and Shereen don’t)

17. Well who here is hungover?

(The Jane twins)

18. After everyone wakes up and goes home, what are their last word to each other?? (Let's never speak of this again)

Axel: anyone who want to come to my place, call me >p>~ *didn’t hand out his number*

Shereen: I-I don’t want to see most of you again =-=;;

Hirroto: *has left already so no last words*

Jane: wow this is what party like? We don’t want to do that again >-> <-<

Ner: never again ene

Ixchel: well that was a fun night ouo~ see you all again someday

Miranda: … well back to the wild for me <-<

Naga: nomnomnom *eating something from the kitchen*

19. Wait, 3 is still missing, where are they!?

(at a BDSM Sex Dungeon~ /ded/)

Kirsty: so you let me in here =-= drunk as fuck, has no idea what I was doing, just because I was wearing leather? Is that right?

Doorman: …. Yep <3>

Kirsty: *sigh*why am I still alive?

20. Well I can't think of anything else to add, so go outside and tag some in animate objects to do this next, see ya~

Nah <7> not going to tag anyone *lay on the ground*


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