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Because I was bored and wanted to do it <v>


Rules i guess?:

1. Choose 12 OCS

2. Don't read ahead, that's no fun >7<

3. Have fun, you gotta do it! >:I



1. Kristy

2. Dougal

3. Hiroto

4. Miranda

5. Cole

6. Louis

7. Hali

8. Lalka

9. Ken

10. Uniyna

11. Cutie

12. Bella



either make you ocs introduce themselves, using REAL names, and ages, OR feed them to hungry cats~ e7e

evil bitty kitties always wan a snack~ ollvllo


Kristy: I’m Kristy >-> and 25, can we get over this now?

Dougal: Dougal and 32 o-o;; please keep the cat away from me

Hiroto: hell no >:U you can’t know my real name *try to fly away but end up gotten eaten by the evil cats*

Miranda: Miranda <-< and I don’t know, I been mostly living in the wild

Cole: Nicholas, but please just called me Cole u3u it’s more easier and I’m thirty nine years old

Louis: no =-= this is ridiculous *and then he disappear*

Hali: my real name is Hailfax, you can called me Hailfax o3o and I will be twenty five soon

Lalka: I am twenty three and Lalka, dudette =7=~

Ken: I’m Ken u3u and is twenty

Uniyna:  I am Overlord Flutterfly-Kiss 8D but just called me Uniyna and twenty nine

Cutie: I don’t think I have a real name, or I don’t remember … but I’m around 9 or 10 o3o

Bella: Sybella, my mother named me that u3u and I’m 12


1 - number 3 and 7 go on a trip together when OH NUES, 3 is attacked by a bear D8

does 7 try to save the or leave them for dead?? can 3 survive??


They both are dead, Hali isn’t that strong and Hiroto didn’t fly away in times *ming*


2 - 4 gets FAB new outfit but 11 says they just look dumb, is 4 just going to take this??? >8I


Cutie: *holding on to a branch for dear life* QAQ *whining*

Miranda: *growl and hit the tree to shake it*

*And to this day, Cutie learn to never ever makes fun of others <7>*


3 - 6 and 9 drink a potion... and instantly hate each other! >8w do they fight??


Louis: hairy, smelly, wild mutt >->

Ken: forever alone, ear-rapist, talentless drummer  <-<


4 - 1, 5, and 8 are playing house : D

who's mommy? who's daddy?? why is there an empty bottles of vodka on the ground??


*Cole is the daddy, Lalka is the mommy and Kristy is their drunk child who do not want to play along <7>*

Cole: ……. W-why we are doing this agian l:c

Lalka: I don’t know dude it just happen

Kristy: *has passed out*


5 - 12 hears moaning coming from 2s room

12 opens the door. What does 12 see and how do they react?


Dougal: *is having sex with a random person*

Bella: /:l ?? *think this is a weird wrestling*


6 - 8 is forcing 6 and 9 into a marriage, keep in mind that they still HATE each other from the potion

how much of a fight do they put up to stop this??


Ken and Louis: >:C *just starting at each other*

Lalka:  I now pronounce you wolfie dude and waifu dudette, you may now kiss <7>

Both:*turn to Lalka* wait what?


7 - 1 just spotting 5 hitting on their crush/lover! (if they don't have one then it's 4)

what is 1 going to do about this!? >8w


-Before she was shipped-

Cole: *petting Miranda* uvu~

Miranda: *purring* u-u

Kristy: <n< he just petting her, big deal

-After she was shipped-

Cole: *petting Hima’s tail* it’s so fluffy

Kristy: are you falling me >:U

(Cole, where is your manner >:W you didn’t include yourself)


8 - 2 and 7 just switched bodies for a day 8o


Dougal: *in Hali body and looking at his hand* OAO …. W-what just happen?

Hali: *in Dougal body and has no idea about the smokes coming out of his mouth* o3o ??


9 - 11 now just developed a spilt personality and is talking to themselves

what do they say?? should 12 and 10 be worried??


Cutie: go away >:U I don’t want you to mess my life up “you can’t stop me >:U I am staying with you” *keep talking back and forward*

Bella: *is worried* e-e ……

Uniyna: oh I won’t worry <7> it might be a demon possession, some holy water might fix it …. If not then you might has a serious problem


10 - 4 is feeling lonely, how do they cheer themselves up??


Miranda: *just laying down to the sunlight* uwu~


11 - 3 forces 10 to look at a disturbing photo of something eme

what is the photo?! oAo


*it’s a lot of different fetishes mashed up to one picture to create an unholy masterpieces*

Uniyna: *rips the picture apart* no you shall not harm anymore eyes and mind o|-|o

Hiroto: aaw ;-; I wanted to posted that on my fantasize fetishes account

Uniyna:  o-o ………. So many eyes that isn’t ready has been saved


12 - 1 has the option to be the ruler of the WHOLE WORLD! all they have to do is kill 2, 3, 4, and 8 <v>


Let see, she’ll has to kill a possible smoker, a bird halfie, an leopard halfie and a king ……… nah she don’t be the ruler of the world <7> realizing how might more idiots there are will makes her lose hope even more


13 - tonight 6 suffers from sleep paralyzes, 10 has a nightmare and crawls in bed with 6 thinking their still asleep, in the morning when the paralyzes wears off, what will 6 say about this?? e-e


Louis: what are you doing here and how did you got here? >:U

Uniyna: huh? =3= this isn’t my house?


14 - 9 and 7 have poofed in dogs/dog halfies (people with dog ears and tails) they yiff?



Ken: *is more dog then wolf now* <->

Hali: actually foxes make that sound o3o

(nope, no fun happening here /ded/)


15 - 11 just caught 12 watching porn! D8



Cutie: what are you watching?

Bella: a wrestling movie o3o you can watch if you want to

Cutie: alright might be cool o7o *later* this is terrible =A= the bottom one isn’t fighting back good

Bella: I know >:U what is kind of wrestling is this?

(Bella has find someone secret stash of porn X’D)


16 -  11 is pretty pissed, because they found out that 12 was watching porn! How about 12 pays back by giving some some... "attention"?



(nah, she’s bored of the movie <7>)

Cutie: *tackles Bella and lay on her back* this is boring =3= I’m sure we can do wrestling better than them

Bella: sure =7= the one at the bottom isn’t fighting back good *starting to fight back*

(and then even more awkward moment that someone come in and saw them wrestling while a porn is still on and playing <7>)


17 - 5 just did acid, and 8 walks in on them freaking the hell out, what does 8 do??


Lalka: *entering* hey I lose something and what wrong man?? =3=


Lalka: *gasp* OAO we might stop them


18 - 10 just got superpowers 8O

what powers did they get!?




19 - all the characters are in the same room/house with each other, because of a storm, when there a sudden black out

who's screaming, who's trying to keep the peace? who's swearing?/ and who's crying because there's no more electricity for a while


will see <7> Dougal, Hiroto, Louis, Hali and Cutie screamed then Uniyna screamed along, only Lalka is somewhat trying to keep peace,  Kristy, Miranda, Cole, and Ken are swearing and Bella ending up staying quiet  <->


20 - as a follow up question, what do these guys do now to piss the time

/no fucking in the dark isn't an option....... no ...... alright fine >->/


Kristy: *either waiting for the power to come back on or watching someone fucks*

Dougal: *hide himself somewhere and won’t come out* ;;-;;

Hiroto: *has fallen asleep* -v-

Miranda: *fuck this, she is out of here and is hunting* u-u

Cole: *been tricked to smoking weeds and questioning things* =A=

Louis and Ken: *was fighting again, then end up having hate sex*

Hali: *just try to hang out with someone and talks*

Lalka: *smoking weeds and listening to Cole* =o= *is amazed by the question*

Uniyna: *goes off to takes care of the kitten but having trouble*

Bella & Cutie: *running around and hiding or causing trouble*


21 - 2 and 4 is being forced to clean an empty, abandoned house, While cleaning, they discovers a locked room

they manages to break the lock and open the door. What do they find?


Miranda: ooh this is interesting c:\~

Dougal: I-I don’t hink it w-would be a good idea ;;-;; m-maybe we should s-sta-

Miranda: nope \u7u/~

Dougal: *sigh* ;-; *whisper and goes back to cleaning*

Miranda: *look around in the room and saw some note* ooh what is in there C:l *pick one up and look* I bet it is a- l:C what the? *looking though other note*

Notes: *all drawing of dickbutt*

Miranda: well play stranger l8C


22 - okay no- woah HEY! 1 get out of here- ASF

(one has just taken over this question and has the power to do anything, 1 what are you doing?? why????)


Kristy: I has command all of my fan and/or other people to delete a list of my album from those shitting songs forced in there D8< and while I’m at it I has more things to do an- *stop her now /ded/*


23 - woah okay i got 1 out of here e-e ugh, *beating them away with a broom*

anyways 1 and 3 just time traveled, where did they end up?? o-o


they end up in an ancient times and both ended up being god and goddess there …… and that is how guitars were created <7>


24 - well 6 and 9 are in the middle of fighting when POOF the potion just wears off!



Both: *normal* O-O !? wait what, what was we doing?

Random Creeps: you two was going to kiss ewe~ /and then s/he was never seen again/


25 - oh hey look 5 and 3 running naked! ono

7, go get them before they get raped ;-;


Hiroto: be free~ *running away from Cole with his clothes*

Cole: agaf give my clothes back *chase after Hiroto*

Hali: *try to get Hiroto to give Cole his clothes back, but ended up naked as well*


26 - 5 and 10 are freezing to death and their choice is either cuddle for warmth or free to death, their choice? XD


Both: *somehow got trapped somewhere …… in the snow*

Uniyna: *is covered in fur, so pretty much fine* <->

Cole: *still didn’t got his clothes back and shivering* l:C

Uniyna: *move closer to Cole and going to hugs him*

Cole: *let Uniyna hugs him and cuddles up* l:C …. N-never  s-speak of t-this to a-anyone

Uniyna: ok, ok >3> just relax


27 - 12 starts rumors that 4 is pregnant and 7 is the father >8D


Cutie: Bella noo OAO stop

Bella: Miranda is pregnant  >8D and the father i-

Miranda: *turn to Bella* HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS PREGANT!?

Bella: wait you are pregnant? o-o

Cutie: wha o-o

(I don’t know who the father is <-> but I’m very sure it’s not Hali’s ….. unless she somehow got his sperm without sex /ded/)


28 - 11 and 6 lost a best and now are drunk!2's slaves ono oh COD


Dougal: I will *hic* never let you go =//w//= *hugging Cutie and Louis*

Louis: =m= *don’t want to know how this will turn out*

Cutie: *hissing and struggling to break free of Dougal’s hug*


29 - 8 is at a strip club when they suddenly see 9


Lalka: dude I think I’m at the wrong place =A=

Ken: so am I eme …. I has no idea what this place is

Lalka: you look stress dude, wanna smoke some weed? =v= it help calm you down

/and that is how Lalka end up in Ken’s bed/


30 - the next day 8 wakes up naked in 9's bed, oh shit <7>


Nothing much <-> Lalka just left and goes back to van and Ken don’t remember much what happen


31 - alright im done with you people, as a final question, what are the characters parting words??


Me: no one want to say anything so I’m just going to say what happen after this u3u

Kristy and Hiroto are both actually dead now, but was treated like God and Goddess

Dougal has no idea what happen, so he spend another months in his house

Miranda turn out to have a baby, but it may or may not belong to Hali, and Hali still unsure if about the rumor and about if he should stay for the kid or not

Cole went back to his kingdom and plan never to come back

Louis and Ken ended up coming back together with their gay relationship

Uniyena went back to his children after being missing for some days

Bella and Cutie soon end up joining the Razors Mifias

And few of the things I said isn’t true /ded/


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pretty much going to be it for now, until I finish thinking about what to add in there

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