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made by: Shroomy G. enjoy~




- don't change the questions

- anyone is free to use this meme just give me credit (or not i'm not going to be to strict on this rule)

-  you DO NOT have to tag anyone~


alright lets start~




1: Lorna

2: Noah

3: Amy

4: Lana

5: Ursula

6: Tommy

7: Hali

8: Louis

9: Kendra

10: Kevin the Peacock



1. okay welcome to my second meme! let the tourer begin! <7> but first whats [6]'s reaction to another meme?~

Toomy: 070 …. It was fun

2. i see ewe, now [4] has had a looong day at work and is tired, but as soon as he/she steps into their house they realize that [5] and [9] have trashed the place and [9] is currently on fire! <7> what happens next?~~

Lana: ?? 0-0 um Ursula why is Kendra on fire

Ursula: *picking her out of the fire* I don’t know, she was like that when she come here

Kendra: QnQ

3. now [2] is walking in the park, when they see [7] and [8] making out on a park bench, what is his/her reaction?~

Noah: what? Hali what are you doing and I thought you like Lorna Louis

Hali: I’m in love -//7//-

Louis: I’m in love with him

Lorna: *nearby* I give them love potion

4. [1] and [10] are randomly caramel dancing, why?

Kevin: *he dancing because he want to*

Lorna: *she dancing because Kevin made her join alone*

5. why is [1] so secretive?~ huehuehue

Lorna: because you are an asshole l:c

6. [4] got hit in the eye with a dodge ball and got a black eye, what does [7] do to help?~

Hali: *try to help fix her eye* don’t worry, it’ll be ok

Lana: Qn< a-are you sure

Hali: yes ^u^

7. [3] gets jumped in an alley who's jumping him/her? [2], [5] or [9]?

Kendra or Ursula

8. [5] is [10]'s new bishie! what does [10] think?~

Kevin: but … you’re a lesbian

Ursula: you’re my feathery cuddly bitch >3< *cuddles*

9. [1], are you planning to kill some one? XD

Lorna: no -n- that is a sin

10. [3] became a butterfly! XD

Amy: l:c *flying* …..

11. uh, oh, [9] has completely lost it and is now chasing [4] with a knife, who rescues [4]? (has to be from the meme!)

Ursula: *save Lana*

12. whats [5]'s most prized possession? why?

Ursula: the picture of me and my mother when I was young …. The time when she was happy for me

13. deep, okay to joke around a bit all the ocs get drunk and goes to a club! what happens to all of them? XD

Lorna: *dance with a stripper* -//7//-

Noah: *having a drinking contest with someone*

Amy: *stay out of sight until it over*

Lana: *passed out from drinking too much* X-X

Ursula: *watch people*


Hali: *watch people*

Louis: *having a drinking contest too*

Kendra:  *try not to drinks too much but fail and dancing*

Kevin:  *hit on the ladies*

14. ppfft- whats the after math of question 13? was clubbing a successes, or a complete bust? XD

Lorna: *wakes up in someone bed naked and freak out*

Noah: *dies lose and has awaken in Audrey’s house* ??

Amy: *made it out alive and nothing bad happen*

Lana: *wakes up in Ursula’s house* 0-0

Ursula: *has brought Lana to her house*

Tommy: *has been kidnapped he fine*

Hali: *nothing*

Louis: *win the contest*

Kendra: *has join a gang* ._.

Kevin: *get slapped a lot* Q7Q

15. [8] is drowning in a pool! what does [1] do?

Louis: HELP ME *drowning*

Lorna: *napping* zzzz

Louis: YOU LAZY BITCH!!! *die*

16. [7] has turned into a human nyan cat! XD what is [3]'s reaction?

Amy: *minding her business  then shuddery got hugged by Nyancat!Hail and getting warped in rainbows* !!! what the?

Nyancat!Hali: rainbow hugs >7<

17. [6]! right now you have the chance to say ANYTHING on your mind to your creator, what do you want to say?~

Tommy: hey um, could you stop making Mallory so sad all the time, please? C:>

Me: …… when she older

18. okay all the even numbers are now cats and all the odds are dogs~ whats happening?~

Lorna: *literally a bitch now freaking out about being a turn into a dog or think finally going insane*

Noah: *just relax and gloom himself*

Amy: *just be confused then go and be near Venus until she normal*

Lana: *cuddles with people or just her brother or Ursula* -u-~~

Ursula: *(if still in love with Audrey) goes and pin her down and lick her a lot* >w< *(if in love with Lana) cuddles with her* -u-

Tommy: *being cute and trying to get attraction* meow :icondesueyeplz:u:icondesueyeplz:

Hali: *wonder around and wonder what to do in his new dog body*

Louis: *just sleep* -.-

Kendra: *just mind her business*

Kevin: *just be fabulous* :iconbitchimfabulousplz: (even if that not a cat, I’m still going to use this*

19. okay no more animal pets~ now can [5] dance? or will he fall flat on he's face?~~

Ursula: … I can’t dance TuT

20. GENDERBENT! [7] is now a lady~ (or a guy if he/she was already a girl)

GenderBent!Hali: c: …. What? *didn’t noticed*

21. meme is over!! tag some one or tell me what [1] was singing in the shower?~

Audrey: “still alive” from poral


Audrey: you were sing loudly


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