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Demon of Life by xtoxicxrosex
Demon of Life
Tiger is the demon of life, because why not, there something called an angel of death, so why not a demon of life /getting hit by crosses/ also logic don't work well here so yeah
Tiger can bring the peoples who die from the plague or any illness back to life and try to makes me stop hugging peoples .... because I'm the angel of death *ming*
or maybe he can be view as a bat with life power ..... Yvor still don't trust you
Peach and Pride family's doodle by xtoxicxrosex
Peach and Pride family's doodle
first Peach and Pride started somewhat childless *expect for Amber who follows or stay near them most of the time* then Miya, their baby was delivered by the stork *both are burnt by electric shock* and then soon Ruby was adopted which bring Amber to the family and now they are a happy family~ ARE THEY!? /stabbed/
try to draw Pride as a raichu, Miya is actually a shiny and Amber just rolled in glitter so they can become sparkles sister~ and Ruby in the tuxedo/suit
Doodle by xtoxicxrosex
Red with a beard *it a fake* Mallory with Lopmon and then soon Cherubimon (evil) ... aaw don't worry, it still love you .... *why am I keep giving Mallory dangerous pets?* and after that it been following Mallory everywhere, Shiny Miya skipping with style and sparkles
and the Coble kids' pet *they has the most pets out of all of my ocs ...... Coyle need to pick up a rule that say "no more pets*"
white ferret- Bijou and Zack
rainbow ferret- Tael, Hamtaro, Ditzy, Leafy and Comet
unfinished data dogs- gLiTcH and ViRuS
pokemon- nameless Rattata and Teddy the Drifloon
digimon- nameless Lopmon
Persona Doodle by xtoxicxrosex
Persona Doodle
(just silly little doodle)
random clothes switch between me and Toxic, Toxic just staying how she has rose, thorn and still has toxic as her name and how me and Thorn has so much things to match our names
Me wearing the plague doctor outfit
and I'm telling Toxic that I'm an angel now ... but it seem that she don't care and I have been thinking about how much I keep singing rings around the rosie ... well that where the angel of death idea come form

I hasn’t got all of my ocs yet and may or may not use Fanchild or Animal but here are the one I got so fars (also sorry about using their last names here) [also I give credits for Shroomy for helping me with some jobs idea for the ocs)


~Key things~

(name): (answer1)+(answer2)+(more maybe)- more than one job

(name): Ill- too mentally or physically ill

(name): Underage *(answer)*- too young to works but here their probable future job

(name): Ghost- Dead and jobless

(name): {planning}- not sure what job s/he should has yet

(name):  (answer 1)/(answer2)/(more maybe)- planning which one

(name) *w.i.p*: (answer)- oc not made yet

(name) *redesign*: (answer)- changing it looks or personally, may or may not has a job due this




Amy Swan*Condon: Mother + Nurse At The Abortion Clinic

Asher Tenner:  Video Game/Music Store Worker

Athena Edgar: Underage *Entomologist*

Audrey Baggo-Tuason (BT for Short): Rodent Queen + Convenience Store Worker

Blue Lovie: Underage *Cheerleader

Brittany Whitaker: Mother + Jewel Store Owner

Carroll Boxson: Gym Helper

Chris Coble: Helper at Ruu’s pet store

Cole Appletin: King

Colette Coble: Hooker

Damien Swan/Mclane *redesigning *: Underage *Zoo Worker Around Snakes and Spiders*

Dorie Shell: Grocery Store Worker/Pet Store Worker

Duncan Boxson: Professional Boxer

Emera *Coyle Coble*BT: {Planning}

Evangeline Korman: Underage *Someone Who Plans Wedding*

Evan Boxson: Make Review For Movie

Evans Appletin: Weapon Holder (he has ENDLESS supplies)

Eyna BT*Hammond: Mother + Spa Beauty Area Worker

Felix Laufer: Father + Arcade Worker

Garry Guston: Magician

Gian Laufer: Docter/Nurse

Greg Wendorf: Underage

Hagan Ontiveros: Vegetable/Fruit Market

Hali Supple: Spa Massager

Hugh Edgar: Math Teacher

Ismat BT: Zombie Survive Teacher

Izz Coble: Underage *Pokemon Trainer /just kidding/ They’re Explorer *

Janene Crowley: Natural Store Helper

Jasmine Harmel: Underage

Jedidiah Guston: Priest

Julia Swan: Nurse

Kendra Burnley: Therapist

Kristy Kiss: Guitar Player

Lalka Tesar: Doll Store Cashier + Doctor (or future plan)

Lana Laufer/Whitaker: Mother/Father + Voluntary Test Subject

Levi Vize *maybe resigin*: Scientist/Inventor

Lionel BT: Sheep Farmer

Lorna BT: Banana Queen + Mother

Louis Boxson: Drummer

Mallory Coble: Underage *Soccer player*

Marlon Gogos:  Knight

Matthew Harmel: Underage

Maynard Neugeboren: Butcher

Meyer Wendorf: Father + {Planning}

Nadia Star: {Planning}

Natal Tesar*Hammond: Underage *Some Guy That Will Watch In Your Sleep …. Or Be A Monster That Hides Under Your Enemy Bed (But You Need To Pay)*

Nissa Laufer: {Planning}

Noah Wendorf: Father + {Planning}

Nokomis Ripple *redesign*: Horse Carer

Olly Hammond: Father + {Planning}

Orphée Mauch *human now*: Aquarium Worker

Paxon Danz: Someone Who Make Trade

Pelia Tenner: D.J.

Quity BT: Mother + Housewife

Red Lovie: Underage *Cheerleader*

Rudy Hale: Pet Store Owner

Sarah Lucan: Underage

Sean Korman : Underage *Teacher/Football Player*

Toby BT: Ill/Hidden in the Forest

Tommy Coble: Untrained Doctor + Mother

Theodore Hulme: Business Man

Titos Devlin*redesign*:  Pilot

Ursula Whitaker:  Mother + Daycare Worker

Venus Swan*Ibsecan: Father (because something odd happen) + Daycare Worker

William Crowley: Football Player/Coach

Yvor BT: Priest

Zoey Horton: Underage



Amanda*Worker: Multiple Jobs

Amber Rosessen: Pet/Underage *Animal Rescue Team*

Amel: Underage

Bella: Underage

Blackheart: {Planning}

Cutie: Underage

Emerald Blackring: Research Person?

Kevin: Pimp

Kyran Whitaker?: Mother

Lisa: Underage *Stripper (just kidding but it probable)*

Luck Cloverleaf: {Planning}

Pace: Mail Delivery

Peach: Multiple Jobs/Keep Changing Overtime

Richard/Dick: Nude Model/Stripper (maybe, if he don’t has to wear clothes)

Snow Cloverleaf: {Planning}

Stevie/Stephanie *redesign*: {Planning}

Twinklestar: Librarian



Death Pearl: Ill

Dreamy Swirl: Errandpony + Night Babysitter

Ghost Whisper/Spirit: A Job for Seeing/Telling/Talk to Spirit

Hawkeye: Food Delivery (For Animals)

Moonflower: Plant Carer

Primary Wave: Stage Lighting For Plays

Specter Flame: Ghost

Sunflower: Plant Carer

Tear Drop: Underage



Axel: Knight


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I like drawing, video games, HTF, Pokemon, MLP (Old and FIM), Creepypasta and more.

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